Toronto Feature 1

Toronto Event Details
Sunday September 27th, 2015

Start Time

11:00am at The Mill Street Brewery

* Each wave will be invited into their pre race Mill Street Party 20min prior to their start time!

  •  The Stouts - Wave 1 Mill Street Party at 11:10am – start at 11:30am
  •  The Hops - Wave 2 Mill Street Party at 11:40am – start at 12:00pm
  •  The Lagers - Wave 3 Mill Street Party at 12:10pm – start at 12:30pm
  •  The Pilsners - Wave 4 Mill Street Party at 12:40pm – start at 1:00pm
Finish Time

2:00pm – 4:00pm at The Mill Street Brewery

Sell Out

500 Participants

Upon registration participants will have to choose a start time, each wave will have a maximum capacity of 125 participants. Once a wave is at capacity it will be sold out!