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Thank you for being a part of The Toronto Beer Run!

Below you'll find all the information you need to know for the third annual Toronto Beer Run on September 27th!

Hello Toronto Beer Runners!

Its almost time! The Toronto Beer Run is fast approaching, and we wanted to make sure we send you all the information you need to plan the day!

Race Kits can be picked up on Saturday September 26th between 12pm to 6pm and on Sunday September 27th between 9:30am - 11:00am at the Mill Street Brewery. Every participant must sign a liability waiver to participate and must pick up their own Race Kit.

You are part of TORONTO BEER RUN............

The Stouts Wave 1 Mill Street Party at 11:10am start at 11:30am
The Hops Wave 2 Mill Street Party at 11:40am start at 12:00pm
The Lagers Wave 3 Mill Street Party at 12:10pm start at 12:30pm
The Pilsners Wave 4 Mill Street Party at 12:40pm start at 1:00pm

We'll be following up with more information as we approach race day!

Waiver Form/Kit Pick Up

ALL participants MUST sign a waiver/liability form before running this event and that
can only be done on site at the above Kit Pick-Up times. You can NOT pick up someone
else's kit for them.

Please click on the link to find your TO Route:


Toronto Beer Run Route


The Canada Beer Run 2015 Planning Team!