Ottawa Feature 1


EVERYONE DO YOUR RAIN DANCE and Tell Mother Nature to stop crying and smile!

We are dedicated (to the bone) to keeping our runners and volunteers safe so we are monitoring the Ottawa weather conditions (we rarely believe them anyways)!

Just might mean your running faster and drinking slower at each brewery!

We will keep you posted but keep your laces tight!

- The Canada Beer Run Planning Team 2015


Ottawa Event Details
September 13th, 2015

Start Time

11:00am at Lowertown Brewery

* Each wave will be invited into their pre race Lowertown Party 20min prior to their start time!


Each route will have 4 waves with 125 capacity with the following start times

Route 1 

(9.5km) Lowertown - Clocktower (Bank Street Location) - 3 Brewers (Sparks Street) - Beyond The Pale

  •  Wave 1 start at 12:00pm - Pre-Party 11:40am
  •  Wave 2 start at 12:30pm - Pre-Party 12:10pm
  •  Wave 3 start at 1:00pm - Pre-Party 12:40pm
  •  Wave 4 start at 1:30pm - Pre-Party 1:10pm

*To ensure we always maintain our capacity limit in the brewery, we please ask that you  arrive at your pre-party time to pre-party with YOUR wave and not too much earlier - this will help us and the brewery maintain a more accurate number as you come and go*

*Waves and routes are clearly defined on your bib so we expect you to pre-party with your wave only*

Route 2

(14.5km) Lowertown - Mill Street - Kichesippi - Clocktower (Westboro) - Beyond The Pale

  •  Wave 1 start at 11:30am - Pre-party 11:10am
  •  Wave 2 start at 12:00pm - Pre-Party 11:40am
  •  Wave 3 start at 12:30pm - Pre-Party 12:10pm
  •  Wave 4 start at 1:00pm - Pre-Party 12:40pm
Finish Time

2:00pm – 4:00pm at Beyond the Pale (City Centre) - Last call will be at 6:45pm!

Sell Out

1000 Participants - 500 each route. Upon registration participants will have to choose a route and start time, each wave will have a maximum capacity of 125 participants. Once a wave is at capacity it will be sold out!