Beer Bunny, you say?  Tell me more about this Beer Bunny business! we go!
Beer Bunny Breakdown - BOOM!
Leading waves while making them
Your primary role, as one of our brilliant Beer Bunnies, is to work with a team of other volunteer Beer Bunnies assigned to your wave, in order to lead our run participants from their start point to their final destination. 
**We welcome groups of friends to run/walk and 'bunny' together.  In fact, we encourage it!**
Did some-bunny say free?
As a Beer Bunny, run day is free for you.  You drink and run and eat for free.  We are NOT making this up.  Tell your friends.  Tell them all.  You will also receive some free swag. IS this amazing. 
To run or not to run 
You do not have to be an avid runner in order to volunteer with us.  We have participants of all levels join us for our runs - some even walk the route.  You will work with your fellow Wave Bunnies in order to spread out through your wave.  'Slower' bunnies can bring in the 'slower' runners in each wave.  Walk, run, skip, have fun.
Participant numbers
On average, each wave of runners consists of 100-125 registered participants.
Beer Bunny ratios
Ideally, our goal is to assign 3-4 Beer Bunnies per wave.  
*Numbers vary from one city to the next.*  
What's in a route?
You will know the route prior to run day.  You will be able to review and ask questions anytime before and even during the run.  In addition to this, your Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you a few weeks before the run to ensure everyone has access to and is aware of the route.  
During the Run...
Once your start time arrives on run day, you will leave with your wave and, along with your team of wave Beer Bunnies, lead your group of runners through the streets/sidewalks, to their next brewery destination! Once you are there, your wave has 20 minutes at each location.  As a Beer Bunny, you will then let your group know when it's time to move on to the next brewery, essentially keeping everyone on schedule, allowing the breweries to prepare for the next group!  
Communication Tool - Slack
Once you join us as a volunteer Beer Bunny, you will be added to a workspace called Slack, where we will communicate any and all run information leading up to and during run day.  This will allow us to communicate as a team of volunteers.  
Your Volunteer Coordinator, Litharitza, will be your main contact leading up to and during run day.  She will send you your specific wave information including schedule, meeting time, your specific scheduled wave, etc.  She will also ensure you are well aware of the route and any run details.  If you have questions/concerns/comments leading up to or on run day, you will be able to contact Litharitza.  
Final Thoughts

It's super fun, it's free - you get to drink just as much beer as everyone else.  You can dress up, be loud, be crazy - but also be somewhat responsible, of course.   Most importantly, make sure you have a fantastic time with your bunnies and leave no bunny behind!


Have a group! You can also e-mail